1/2 School Shooting 3 dead 2 injured.

Crazy news came out yesterday about another School Shooting.  A kid brought a gun to school and opened fire on a group at a table in the cafeteria, injuring 2 and killing 3.  He fled the scene and was caught in his car a half-mile away from the school. Police are still investigating the situation.  Some students are saying he was just a quiet kid, and others are saying he was quiet and was being bullied.

My reasoning for this post is really to give you a chance to encourage students that are being bullied. Also, to speak to the kids who feel like bulling others is no big deal.  I’m not saying this was the cause of the shooting, we really don’t know at this time what caused him to open fire on a table of students.  What we do know is that bulling can cause students to react in two of the worse ways, doing harm to themselves or others.  I also believe there is no justification for this kids actions.  I could right a post on my thoughts but I think if kids could read this and see comments from their peers it would be more affective. So leave a comment addressing this question:

What would you say to the students at your school about the importance of treating each other with respect?

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2/2 My Future Is Stressing Me Out!!

Thanks for taking the survey poll on the stress of the future.  Most of you polled that you do feel pressure but it does not consume you.  23.3% polled that you are pulling your hair out about the future.  The future should be something we look forward to, not stress over.  Stress for me would come when I have an idea of what I want the future to be but the direction isn’t clear.  I know for me it was about getting where I wanted to be and not feeling fulfilled in what I thought I wanted.  Here are a few points that I’ve learned that has corrected some of my thinking and has also encouraged me and relieved stress about my future.

  1. Trusting God for direction puts you on the right path to your future. Sigh of relief 🙂  The most important and beneficial thing you can have is God’s direction as you plan your future. 3 John 1:2 God knows your life from beginning to end, and only wants what’s best for you because He knows it blesses others.  
  2. Fully understand your life’s purpose in Christ. It’s important that you know God is not against you planning your future.  He just knows it’s better to plan with Him as the architect/producer/director.  He is a great stress reliever.
  3. Don’t allow the future to just happen.  Do today what you need to so you can be where you want to be later.
  4. You must know that you create the future with the choices you make today. Find out what you can do today to put yourself on the track to where you want to be. You will not automatically arrive.    
  5. Don’t believe the lie about how far away the future is or the saying “you have time”. A more productive word for the future is “now”.  

Just because you are trusting God for direction doesn’t mean you do nothing.  You take your passion and align it with God’s word and then pursue it.  Allow God the ability to guide, change and grow you in the process. Proverbs 3:6(KJV) In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Because of this verse, I started praying “God I want your will to be done in all that I do. So direct me as I pursue (fill in the blank)“. Even though you are creating the future with the choices you make today you don’t have to make those choices alone and without guidance.  God wants to be with you every step of the way.  He doesn’t want us to stress over or even worry about the future. Instead take advantage of the day you have been given. Your Plans + God’s Direction = Your future being right where it’s suppose to be:)

I hope it helps!!


For Students: Take this Poll(Stressed About The Future).

The future can be a scary thing to think about.  While that is true, I do believe that there is a healthy way to view the future. I want to encourage you as you think and plan for the future.  Take this quick and easy poll and help me, help you.ha

Stressed About Your Future?
Yep, pulling my hair out.
Yep, but I’m not consumed with it completely.
Nope, don’t even think about the future.

FuN PoSt: 8 (SARCASTIC) Learnings from the show The Bachelor!!

At the request of my wife I’m watching The Bachelor.  Basically, the premise is a bunch of women try and win the heart of one man, all at the same time. One guy gets to sample a relationship with about 25-30 women.  As the show goes on the guy has to eliminate them one per week or sometimes two by not giving them a rose.  At one point in the show the women will begin falling in love with this guy.  Because this is exactly how my wife fell in love with me(SARCASM).  Get use to the sarcasm because it will be used a lot:) He gets to travel every week to some tropical paradise and do things that only multimillionaires do.  That’s basically the show in a nutshell.

Eight (SARCASTIC) lessons learned from the show: For you who may not know what that word means –  Sarcasm or being sarcastic is a way of speaking in which what is said is the opposite of what is meant.

8. I don’t really have to know someone to fall in love with them.

7. In order to know that my potential bride and I can make it through the tough times of life we must be helicoptered to a private island with all the tools to survive, catch fish with a net and make a fire.  If you can make it through that, you can make it through anything.

6. There is a spark I need to feel.  The only way I can do that is if I take vacations to beautiful places I can’t pronounce.

5. It’s ok to kiss all the girls without making a commitment to any of them. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

4. It’s ok if I lead all the girls along as if they are closer than the other girls to being with me.

3. Weeding out my future bride can be done by going on group dates with girls as-well-as one on one dates.  There is just a lot more that I can learn when I spread myself thin and give each girl a fraction of my attention instead of my full attention.

2. There is nothing wrong with seeing 25-30 people at the same time as long as they know each other.

1. I can juggle relationally 25-30 woman at the same time and keep them all happy.  I could be wrong…hope not.

While this maybe funny, it’s crazy that people would sign up for it. And for the record I haven’t learned anything of value on that show. I believe there is a huge chance these people are pursuing the fame.

So are the people on the show ACTORS or REAL PEOPLE TRYING TO FIND LOVE?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.



For Students: Facebook Status Christian!!

If there is great difference between the content on your Facebook page and the status of your belief on your page then there is a problem.  Sorry for the bluntness but people are watching you to see if those match.  More importantly, you should be concerned if they don’t.  Which brings up the question: Why are you talking about Facebook? Well, it’s a great way to explain the fact that your life should reflect what you believe.

Facebook is the perfect example of people’s religious status and the content of their page being completely different. Saying they are Christian and then when you look at the content of their page it’s filled with a high level of sketchiness.  Now, there are a lot of things that are probably innocent but because of the context or the lack there of on Facebook, things can come across as super sketchy.  That is why it’s so important to use the same discretion with Facebook as you use in life as a Christ-follower.      

As a Christian, you should be compelled to live an honest life, striving to be more like Jesus Christ.  It’s not that you’re obsessed with being perfect. You are just striving to honor God with your life in all that you say and do.  Which means not involving yourself in things that are immorally wrong or things that could be perceived as wrong or just sketchy. We are also responsible not to cause each other to stumble.  I’m definitely guilty of rarely thinking about the responsibility of causing other believers to stumble by my actions.  Romans 14:21(NIV) 21 It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother or sister to fall.  Our motivation to live a life that does not cause our brother or sister to fall must not be about looking perfect.  It must be about modeling a real relationship with Christ that depends and relies on Him. You will mess up and you won’t do everything right, and when that happens you should strive to  model humility and do what’s right. 

I can remember playing the part very well.  I would be at church praying out loud, lifting my hands during worship, etc.  I was even active in the ministry, but none of that translated to the other areas of my life.  I was just a “Facebook status Christian”, but if people ever looked at my page they would see a huge difference.  I was only acting as a Christian when I felt it benefited me (when Christian people were watching).  When I was around non-Christians I acted like a non-Christian because it benefited me (when non-Christians were watching).  It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in God. I just wanted to do things my way and then at times fit God into my plans and the idea of Christianity.

I eventually got serious about my relationship with Christ and removed the differences between my status as a Christian and the way I lived my life.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I actually needed my relationship with Christ to be real because of some crazy things that had gone on in my life.  I needed real peace, comfort and purpose.  I was tired of pretending and the mask I was wearing was getting harder to keep up.  I decided to stop short changing myself.  I wanted all that God had for me and I was ready to serious about my relationship with Christ.  The one thing I regret, is not starting sooner.  I felt like I missed a lot and I would be further along in life had I just been real and not just a Facebook Status Christian.

Don’t just be a Facebook Status Christian, where your faith goes no deeper than the scripture you post. Be real and allow the pages of your life to match your religious status.  Whether you get it right or mess up.  People are watching you and it’s ok if they see you mess up. They just also need to see you strive in humility to do the right thing.   

hope it helps!!